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Council proposed to charge blue badge holders to use surface car parks, but not for now!!!!

Posted on 12/07/14 by Pamela Bryan

A fantastic result folks!!!! Our new Council has decided NOT to charge disabled people to park on surface car parks. Many thanks to everyone who signed the petition and supported us in this endeavour. The petition got enough votes for STAND to address a full Council Meeting on this issue. We can only hope that […]

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New Government Advice on Hospital Parking Charges

Posted on 08/24/14 by Pamela Bryan

On Saturday 23rd Aug 2014 BBC news announced that the Government was to issue new advice to hospitals about parking charges, including the news that disabled people should be given concessions or free parking,. See the full article here See the Government advice here Government Guidance on Hospital Parking Charges See the comments by the Sentinel […]

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Drugs Shortage

Posted on 08/10/14 by Pamela Bryan

  At our AGM members complained that when they went to collect their medicines from the pharmacies there were often items missing as the pharmacy had not got them in stock causing great problems for some disabled people as they needed to get a taxi to collect their medication. STAND emailed Andrew Pickard Pharmacy Advisor|Staffordshire […]

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UHNS Provides Extra Pay and Display Machine

Posted on 08/03/14 by Pamela Bryan

Following our photographic report  STAND Photographic Report on Disabled Parking at UHNS on 11th March 2014 which highlighted several problems regarding disabled people paying for parking and the distance they have to travel to use the pay and display machines, UHNS have provided an extra machine outside A&E to cut down the unacceptable distance that disabled […]

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Meir Health Centre reverses the decision to close the disabled car park access after 5pm

Posted on 07/16/14 by Pamela Bryan

Meir Health Centre Management has closed the door from the disabled car park after 5pm although some surgeries are open until 8pm thus denying disabled people the opportunity to access appointments after 5pm. STAND contacted Healthwatch, Community Health Voice, Rob Flello MP, Local counsellors and The Sentinel to try to get this decision overturned. An immediate […]

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Winton House PIP Assessments

Posted on 06/16/14 by Pamela Bryan

PIP investigation: Council probes ‘shockingly poor and dishonest’ assessments March 17 We are aware that some members are unhappy with the PIP assessment not reflecting the extent of their health issues. See Above. Feb 2016 I have been told that our website is being used by people who have an assessment interview at Winton House […]

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UHNS has refused to stop charging for disabled parking

Posted on 05/05/14 by Pamela Bryan

University Hospital of North Staffordshire UHNS p2UHNS p3 UHNSp4 UHNSp5 UHNS p6 Tristram Hunt and Paul Farrelly MP wrote to Mark Hackett, Chief executive of UHNS asking him to stop charging disabled people to park until they could install a disabled friendly parking system that does not require disabled people to increase their travelling distance in […]

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UHNS Disabled people given extra parking time from Jan 1st 2015 and will not be fined if clinics over run

Posted on 04/29/14 by Pamela Bryan

Great news Folks, From 1st Jan 2015 the extra parking time for blue badge holders will be 1 hour instead of the 30 minutes granted to us last May. Morning Pam   Re: STAND   Many thanks for your e-mail   With regards to public transport, I can advise that the Trust has been actively […]

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Closure of Public Toilets In Stoke-on-Trent

Posted on 02/16/14 by Pamela Bryan

There had been great concern amongst our members that if the public toilets closed in our town centres then disabled people would find it extremely difficult as most shops did not have toilets that they cold use and those that did tended to be located on upper floors. Result At our meeting on 28th Jan […]

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Posted on 02/15/14 by Pamela Bryan

Members were very concerned about the proposed move from the Shopping Centre to John Street car park. John Street car park is a considerable distance from where Shopmobility users wanted to shop and members were concerned about having to travel this distance in all weathers. Result At our meeting on 28th Jan 2014 we asked […]

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